Launch Pad

b2  Hi! Nice to see you here.

In the upper right, you’ll find a menu button. Use it to explore some of my posts – so far you’ll find blogs about writing, about Supernatural, and some stories. Visit my links page to find links to more of my stories. See my first blog post to find out more details about what interests me and what you can expect from my blog.


I write a review series of Supernatural. I’ll try to update as quick as I can after it airs, and stay up to date. If I miss a week…well I’ve got one of those job thingys so sometimes it happens.

Upcoming things to look for: I still need to write my blog for SPNPHX, the Supernatural convention in Phoenix back in June. 2016 was a PITA. Just as I was getting over what they call the “post con blues”, one of my best friends passed away. Look for it though, because I still intend to write it. Thankfully, videos exist and I took a lot of pictures. That’ll help jog my memory.

Also upcoming is a blog about the insanity that is GISHWHES, and my experience during what is quickly becoming my favorite week of the year. If you’re not familiar with GISHWHES, please check it out here. It’s the first week of August each year, it’s amazing, and you should do it. It’ll push all your limits while also helping you prove to yourself that you can do more than you ever thought possible. Thanks, Misha.

I’m working on a new novel! It’s called “Reclamation” and I’ve tweaked it a bit from the short piece you’ll find on my stories page. It’s beginning to really come together. A sneak peek:

“Adelaide, a charming mix of clumsy geekiness and ruthless brutality, crosses the newly minted United States after the zombie apocalypse has ended and her family is imprisoned by the powers that be.”


Enjoy! Let me know in the comments if there’s something you’d like to read about!

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