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Hi, fren

Author of the Reclamation trilogy, a post-zombie story, I have unbridled enthusiasm for SupernaturalTimeless, Star Trek, and all things sci-fi or horror. Check out my blog posts and archives to see what I love about horror, reviews of TV shows, blogs about writing, and more. Just click the menu.

That’s who I am. But why are you here?

Interested in my upcoming trilogy? Read on.

Visit my links page to find links to more of my stories, or check them out in the menu. That’s what really brings us together, isn’t it? Stories.

Preparing for the release of the first novel in my post-zombie trilogy, Reclamation, I’ll be introducing you to the characters. Be sure to check back each week for a new character. As we inch closer to the release date, I’ll be posting my first chapter EXCLUSIVELY here; stay tuned for details.

What is Reclamation about? I’m glad you asked.

At twenty-three, all Adelaide has ever known is a society ripped apart by the virus. Though billions died, the freshly-minted Cure is bringing the world back into balance and for once, she can think about moving out and falling in love, and not just about surviving. But when infected appear in her village and her dad, Jack,, is framed for murder and abducted, she must give it all up to save him. 

Yet Jack’s captors force him and his friends away from the community he helped build and deep into the virus-ravaged country. Powerless to stop them from murdering his friends one by one, Jack allows grief and anger to fuel his decision to undo his enemies, no matter the cost. Imprisoned in an old Civil War fort, rumors of a mysterious hospital and experiments on prisoners strengthen his resolve. 

When Adelaide comes to rescue him, bringing an unexpected group of allies with her, they’re confronted by a disturbingly familiar general whose secret work with the Cure threatens more than just the new stability of the world. It threatens to shatter their family from the inside out.

The first part of a trilogy, RECLAMATION is for people who love character-driven literary sci-fi like STATION ELEVEN, coming of age stories like THE LAST OF US, and a healthy splash of adventure mixed with romance. With zombies!


Do you want to help me get Reclamation on your shelf? Good news! You can donate here. Funds will go towards editing, marketing, cover art, and fun public reading events!

Thanks for visiting.

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