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b2 Welcome, welcome.

Having been hanging around this web address for a couple years  now, I can say with certainty my most regular feature is the Supernatural reviews. I’ve archived the previous seasons, and you can find season 13 in the menu.

I still hope one day to add a blog about my experiences at the two Supernatural cons I’ve attended. Especially the last one, where I was able to tell Jensen he “changed my life”. It was honestly one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever had at a con.

Jensen hug 17

Visit my links page to find links to more of my stories. See my first blog post to find out more details about what interests me and what else you can expect from my blog.


Upcoming things to look for:

Besides SPN reviews, I honestly can’t tell you. I’m working hard on my fourth novel, the concluding chapter in the “Reclamation” trilogy. I’m continuing to polish the first installment and looking for an agent. I’m hoping to attend a small convention in November and see what kind of tips I can glean from other horror authors. Maybe I’ll share my polished-up first chapter when I get through editing it for the eight-hundredth time.

Also, I’d like to blog about GISHWHES. This year was my third year participating, it was amazing, and it was the last year of GISHWHES as we know it. If my characters would leave me alone for 2.5 seconds, maybe I’d write it.

My newly-improved-but-never-finished-tweaking log line for “Reclamation”:

Reclamation log line



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