Bethany grew up in the South, transplanted to the West, and has visited just about anywhere in between. She’s got a day job, and a family, and at night she writes.

Her favorite author is Stephen King, and she owes more than she can explain to Supernatural. No matter the medium, storytelling has held her in thrall for decades. She enjoys travelling down the road of the macabre, but mainly in order to discover the beauty hiding within the human spirit when it is pushed beyond normal boundaries. We face the monsters on the page so we can face the darkness within ourselves, and come out the other side of them both as changed people.

Among her published works are The Reclamation SeriesGive Me Grace (runner up in the 2020-2021 Rainbow Awards), and Perry Poems. Anthologies include several volumes from Cloaked Press.

She also does book formatting on the side, please see the contact page if you are interested in a sample or quote.

If you do nothing else today, pick up a book.


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