Reclamation 2: Revolution

Ready to continue following Addy and Jack?

Can they put their family back together?

In the sequel to Reclamation, Adelaide has settled into the role of lieutenant in her new home, a job she doesn’t want but has a hard time turning down. But she’s making new friends, since her best friend Jane mysteriously stopped talking to her, and working on unraveling her relationship with the general. If she can get past her own hang-ups about trusting her.

After six weeks, Jack returns, with information on the missing islanders and who might be responsible for their relocation to the mountains of Virginia. Stopping just long enough to collect men and equipment, Jack runs from the island again—and the general, and his heartbreak—when Jane announces she’s pregnant.

Which leaves Addy to sort out why their family is more broken than ever and do the last thing she wants—send her boyfriend, Dean, off to help protect her dad. She’s got an island to reluctantly help run, a best friend to try and make up with, and a general to wrangle, who isn’t making it easy to keep at arm’s length.

Can she hold her family together while they all fight the inexorable destruction chasing them? And when backed into a corner, will they surrender their lives to fate, or will they revolt?

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