What if the world was destroyed by an apocalypse? Could we rebuild and be who we once were?

Should we?

Looking for a new series about what it’s like to grow up in the apocalypse? Look no further.

Book 1, Reclamation, available now

(ebooks are just $2.99! Links below)

At twenty-three, all Adelaide has ever known is a society ripped apart by the virus. Though billions died, the freshly minted Cure is bringing the world back into balance. For once, she can think about moving out and falling in love, and not just about surviving the dead.

Jack, Addy’s dad, decides to help the mayor with security rather than kick around his empty nest by himself. But when Jack uncovers a mystery more deadly than the infected appearing in the village, his need to solve it gets him framed for a crime he didn’t commit and abducted.

Adelaide sets out to save her dad, dragging her brother and his handsome boss with her. If Addy wants to seek out the life she deserves, she must save her dad from forces that dwarf them both and face her fear of everything but zombies.

The first part of a trilogy, Reclamation is for readers who love character-driven literary sci-fi like Station Eleven and coming-of-age stories like The Last of Us, with a healthy splash of adventure and romance. Plus zombies!

Out Now!

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