I Don’t Know What I Did Last Summer

Hey there! I know, I know. I’m behind on all my reviews and it’s been a radio-silent kind of summer (except for this ). Summer is an incredibly busy time for us, it’s the opposite of restful. But I took my little one to San Diego while she still thinks I’m cool. So it was worth the hassle. 

I’ve also been tightening up my query, synopsis, and first pages from the novel Reclamation. Though I hadn’t exactly planned to, I submitted to Pitch Wars. It was a lot of work last year for little return, but I finally figured it was good to work on my query no matter what, and that they couldn’t say yes if I didn’t ask. So I submitted and now I’m awaiting those sweet, sweet requests for more material.


I’ve been considering the reviews and honestly I’m not sure I’ll continue with them. Unless there’s something new and groundbreaking to say, it’s often the same thing over and over again. There’s sure to be copious amounts of fangirling over Jensen in his new role this season, but if you follow me on Twitter you can watch that happen in real time.

That brings me to the question of what to do for a regular feature. I would love to reach out more often, but I’m not sure what would keep me coming back regularly. Is there something you’d like to see? Something we can turn into a regular thing? Maybe we can talk more in depth about characters, like this essay or this one.

Gish1 18
Or maybe I can explain what lead me to run full-tilt into this wall.
draft 4 cover
I made this cover just for fun. Warning: there’s no ships involved whatsoever.

Maybe I can just give you updates about where I am in writing. As for right now, I’m working some pretty heavy revisions to book 2 in the Reclamation series. While that’s going on, I haven’t been able to focus on anything. I have three books started but I just keep losing steam. Eventually I went back to my very first completed novel and am rewriting it from the ground up. I’m keeping the plot and the characters but there are Point of View issues to fix and a complete lack of true structure that needs quite a bit of help. I am thinking of publishing it online at some point after completion. Watch this space for that update. 


The journey to publishing is a long one, and I’m still mulling all the options for my original works. Querying really takes it out of you. I take part in several Twitter pitch events as well, and that’s exhausting on its own level. But I can promise you this – those books will be published. They will. They are my heart and soul and I believe in the story they tell. I won’t give up on the publishing journey.

So that’s where I am right now. Keeping my little fingers busy with the typey-typey while my brain tries to run away with anxiety. I’ll see if I can create a poll about how to continue with a more regular blog. Hop over to my facebook for that. Or comment here if you’ve got suggestions or requests!


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Author of Give Me Grace, runner up in the 20-21 Rainbow Awards. Also the Reclamation Series, a human zombie story. I love all things sci-fi or horror. She/Her

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