Musing Over this Hubble Photo

Hubble photo

If you look closely, you can see that most of the things in this image are whole galaxies. (The really bright thing is a closer star)


All those galaxies, just like our Milky Way, filled with billions and billions of stars. There is someone out there, somewhere, looking back at us and wondering. Wondering if there is someone out there, somewhere, looking back at them and wondering.

We’ve thought for so long that life on this planet was some sort of cosmic accident. A perfect combination of so many factors it might be impossible to predict whether it would happen somewhere else. With the sheer number of possible planets out there, the probability that we are all alone is already near zero. Even if we are one in a million, LOOK at this picture. There could be billions of planets in this one picture of one corner of the deep night sky.

But look up hydrothermal vents. Far beneath the surface of the ocean, life thrives in that warm and inviting atmosphere. As we study this phenomenon, we have begun to learn about how life begins there. I believe we are perilously close to discovering exactly how all life forms. And if we can prove it does so in a consistent and predictable manner… well then we’ll know.

There’s someone out there, looking back at us. And wondering.


To find out more about this photo, visit NASA here. 


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