Supernatural 11.18 – “Hell’s Angel”

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Last night’s Supernatural, “Hell’s Angel”, featured some excellent performances, particularly from Misha Collins and yesyesyesyesyes Ruth Connell. That’s right, bitches, Rowena is back! And #Rowena trended last night, because we were so blissfully happy that the Queen Mother of Hell herself had returned. #MegaCoven forever. So let’s dive right in.

First, I’d like to address the fact that there was not enough Winchester in this episode. Not enough. While there were some classic moments – bargaining with Crowley, for instance, is an oldy but goody – what we did see of our boys was too short for my taste. Also, some of the dialogue was a little stiff, which is not what I’ve come to expect from Supernatural. It kinda felt like the episode wanted to be just about Castiel and Rowena, and that the Winchesters were almost shoe-horned in, because the show is actually about them. There have been other episodes which were not about them, I just rewatched “Bitten” the other night for example, and I felt like this could have been one. Just let it be about Castifer. We won’t mind.

And oh, speaking of Castifer, could he be any more enjoyable? This is by far the juiciest material Misha has had to work with in his history on the show. And He. Is. Nailing it. The first time we met Castifer, it was a little… eh… but as time has gone on, he has really “gotten it”. Last night was just the best. If you haven’t heard what Mark Pellegrino told him about the role, make sure you read it here. When Luci spoke with the angels in heaven, most of what I could think (when I wasn’t wondering where my Zorro mask had got to) was, “look at how NOT Cass he is! But also how not Mark, yet totally Lucifer! Misha, you’re killing it.” And the angels didn’t stand a chance against the original silver-tongued devil.

But let me quit fawning over Misha, and leave poor crippled Cass behind for now, so we can talk about Rowena. Show of hands, who thought, “another woman bites the dust, of course” when she died?

I’m going to digress for just a moment. Supernatural is a pretty violent show. Most everyone we come to love meets a violent and bloody end. Women AND men. And we do see most of them again. So, to be fair, everyone dies. But, I think we’ve all noticed, the men have far bigger roles when they are alive, and when they come back it is generally for longer, and more often. Some of the ladies are never heard from again, but you know that’s because they threaten our relationships with a Winchester. Still, it’s pretty lopsided. As Jim Michaels pointed out on twitter last night, Ruth has now been in more episodes of the show than anyone else, except the main players (including Jim Beaver). She is a main player now. She’s the only woman to come close to that feat.

And what a woman they chose. Not only is Ruth’s performance pitch perfect every time, Rowena is what Crowley could have been had he not become the frienemy. Honestly, I think we all know the “-nemy” in Crowley exited a long time ago. You still have to question his motives, but that’s just for show. Evidence the way he so willingly jumped into Cass instead of fleeing to save his own hide, as he would have three seasons ago. There is no “frie-” in Rowena. She is on Rowena’s side, 24/7. No question. And she plays it so well. I was happy to see someone not on Team Winchester again, and I hope our resurrected lady stays that way. Why did I think such a powerful witch could be killed so easily? Even when she was star-struck? Silly me.

Speaking of Team Winchester, I warmed up to The Darkness a bit last night. It happened when I realized Amara will never let anything happen to Dean. Just like The Mark, she will save him. And I have to love her a little for that. Just a little. Also, the look on Dean’s face when she was in the room broke my heart and made my night. And the way she looked back… well if there was ever any question, now we know she has to go, because she wants nothing more than to take him away from us. We can’t have that.

All in all, it was a juicy, plot-filled episode which was elevated by some really excellent performances. I eagerly await the return of our favorite drunk prophet, and wonder whether or not the writers will freely admit he’s God.


P.s. my night was actually, truly made when Ruth acknowledged my Twitter happy dance:


ruth liked my tweet


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2 thoughts on “Supernatural 11.18 – “Hell’s Angel”

  1. While I like that they actually brought back a female character from the dead,I’m not much of a Rowena fan. I feel like the actress plays it a bit too over the top sometimes. She does have her moments,though. You’re right about not enough Winchester in the story. I’m one of those people who’d rather have a monster of the week story than a mythology story.

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    1. I’ll never get enough of her eye rolls.

      And I enjoy both types of episodes, as long as they’re done well. Although I’ll admit, I think I’m partial to the Monster of the Week as well.


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