Miss Jean Louis – Khaleesi, Mother of Gishcots, of the House GISH

EDIT: Hi guys, I see lots of people stop by here so I thought I’d include a short disclaimer: This was written as a GISHWHES 2016 item. It’s not exactly a joke, but it’s not exactly serious either.


Miss Jean Louis is known as the G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. second in command and also the babysitter of Misha Collins, gracious overlord and brain trust behind the mayhem that has become the first week of August. MJL, as she is known to Gishers around the world, is the one who keeps it all on track.

But she is more than that.

She is also known to collaborate with 20,000 Parades, an LA based art collective. They are known as the warriors against social norms and through art, they challenge what we think of the world around us, particularly how we use urban space. From “ladies of leisure” to athletes and architects, they fight to maintain what some have called an “inspirational social experiment”, and what others have dubbed “a seemingly meaningless endeavor”.

Much the same way G.I.S.H.W.H.E.S. is both meaningless and social.

Armed with this, MJL brings a dearth of useful experience to our little scavenger hunt. Using it, she wrangles the troops and helps to guide Misha down a winding and senseless path. She is the Keeper of Emails and the Mother of Gishcots. She is our Khaleesi.


Published by bperrywrites

Author of Give Me Grace, runner up in the 20-21 Rainbow Awards. Also the Reclamation Series, a human zombie story. I love all things sci-fi or horror. She/Her

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