Supernatural 12.14 “The Raid” Review

I’d like to begin by saying I’m sorry. My novel, Reclamation, has been taking up a lot of head space recently. It’s a trilogy, and I’m writing part two, and I’ve made some pretty disturbing discoveries about what’s coming. So I’ve missed a couple excellent episode reviews. Many, many apologies. Trust me, the fault is in me, not the episodes. They were brilliant.

Anyhow, the new episode, “The Raid”. Super ultra mega good.

We are so lucky to have such a talented actor as one of our leads. He constantly amazes me.

The beginning of it just broke my heart for Dean. Finally pissed at Mary for all the wrongs she’s committed since coming back from the dead, he calls her “Mary” and is done with it. And as we know, Sam is usually on his brother’s side. Can’t say I was sad to see them so harshly judge her. She deserves it. Also, Jensen knocked it out of the park. My god.

So we find Mary with the BMoL at their little base camp. Very fancy, I might add. Though we find Ketch being a typical chauvinist jerk, I also still like him. It’s like I said before, he’s like a Winchester. Kinda stuffy maybe, but there’s nothing he’s done the boys haven’t. No mistakes he’s made in judgement we haven’t watched Sam or Dean make. If he can be given a pair of grey colored lenses, I still think they can be friends. I know, I said after the secret service guys they couldn’t be friends. I changed my mind. Consider me fully in the Ketch Kamp. 


Side note, I had to chuckle when Sammy showed up at the BMoL base. Him and his modern muscle cars. Haha. Also, I will fully, shamefully, admit I said to myself “huh, that Pierce guy looks familiar” but didn’t put it together until David Haydn-Jones tweeted about it. 


Ps. no BSG spoilers, please. We’re still in season 2.

I must say I was mildly impressed by the BMoL effort against vampires in the US. They organize well, have a good plan, and a solid team behind them. I think they’re not quite prepared for the rodeo that is America, but that’s honestly exactly why they need the Winchesters. This episode backed up that opinion. I am still anti-BMoL, I really am, but if they’re going to stay they absolutely must recruit the Winchesters. And they cannot make enemies of our boys if they hope to make it. The way the Old Men had Miss Lady Bitch Pant Suit come in was a huge mistake. And let’s be clear. She didn’t “go rogue”. That’s crap. We saw her take the call from the Old Men.

Just like Ketch didn’t “go rogue” to make the play for Dean. He was ordered to. It just wasn’t Mick’s orders. This guy has got some rude awakenings coming.

The reappearance of Alpha Vampire was fun. I like him a lot. Mobilizing the troops against the BMoL was a smart choice. Catching them with their pants down.

Oh see I got all distracted watching Ketch and Dean. It was fun to watch Dean play the good cop.

Back to the BMoL. It’s funny for people who claim to be so good at what they do they were caught so unawares. Have they honestly forgotten how to be defensive? They walk around without blades? Without guns? Totally naked at home? That’s just…not smart. I have trouble understanding that approach. But then I guess I forgot the Men of Letters weren’t hunters, they were scholars. Which is exactly why the American chapter got wiped out. You’d think the Brits would have caught on. One thing this episode certainly did was make me much more interested in their back story. Why are they the way they are? Why do they care about expanding into America? And what’s up with Ketch’s tattoo? 

The most fun part of the episode was, of course, Sammy saving everyone’s asses. Reinforcing why, if they’re going to come to America, the BMoL need the Winchesters on their side. And since they pulled off getting the Colt, it looks like the Winchesters could use their resources. It hasn’t been the same without their own scholar. Who I desperately miss at times. Bring back Bobby? 

We miss you, Jim.

Speaking of the Colt, GO SAMMY. When’s the last time he got to kill a Big Bad? I mean, Dean usually gets them. I was quite pleased to see him get to kill something with the Colt. Quick notes on the interplay between Sam and Mary. Nice to see her admit the truth about the theft, I don’t think Sam would have gotten past it so quickly if Cass had died. No, not at all. As it was, he pulled himself together quickly, considering the circumstances. When he passed the spell to Mick, though, why did Mary ask about Bobby? Does she know him? And if so, how? Didn’t he become a hunter after she died? Maybe she just mentioned his name because someone needed to.

Overall, I really enjoyed this episode. One Big Bad down, several to go. Could we really get to that world Mary spoke of? A world without monsters? I’ll admit, I’ve considered that possibility once or twice about how to end the show. We’ve all, Jared included, pretty much accepted that the Winchesters’ deaths will end the show. One or both. But what if they didn’t have to? What if they could eradicate the monsters? Or at least most of them? I don’t think demons or angels will ever be gone, but then I guess they could be locked into their respective homes. Remember the Tablets.

What if the Winchesters could retire from hunting?

The other day, I thought about what the boys would do if they retired from hunting. We know what Sam would do. Find a girl. Finish college. Have that family he wants. What about Dean? Maybe become a real cop? A deputy of Jody? Can you imagine? Comedy gold, for one. Also, hunting doesn’t exactly provide a pension.

If for no other reason than those, I’d like to see them work with the BMoL. But also, Ketch is Fetch. We need more of him. I’d like to see him stick around.


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2 thoughts on “Supernatural 12.14 “The Raid” Review

  1. I like a grey area type of character. So,I like Ketch for that. I don’t trust him,though.

    Sammy did a great job handling the whole situation inside the BMOL compound. Proud of him.


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