Timeless Review ep 2.05 “The Kennedy Curse”


First of all, I’m incredibly sorry about the last two episodes and missing the reviews. As for “Hollywoodland,” I was too heartbroken to revisit Wyatt and Lucy’s night together. I think I still am. It hurts, you guys. It hurts.

As for “The Salem Witch Hunt,” it was fantastic and I am in love with that episode. With Lucy telling those women it’s OK to be weird. It made me realize someone had to teach Lucy all this “be an individual” stuff, and that someone is on the inside with Rittenhouse. Carol might just be our own sleeper, once she gets her head on straight. But I was sick with the flu last week and boy, it’s just not as easy to come back from that stuff as it used to be.

But here I am, for the Kennedy Curse, and what an episode to be back for!

jfk 1
Wallingford, CT, September 17, 1934

Not that the date is important because…

As Lucy learns when she wakes (and the first thing she says is, “Wyatt?” </3), Rufus and Wyatt really, really should not time travel without her. Haven’t we seen how this goes, already? After some delightful awkwardness with Jess, and a hearty agreement that time travel messes with your head, we find Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn hatched a spectacularly bad plan.

jfk 2
JFK. In the present. As a young man. Nothing can go wrong with this plan.

Sorry, just got distracted watching. Had that same problem during the original airing:

Where were we? After young JFK escaped this “air-tight” secret bunker, Lucy, Wyatt, and Jessica decide to go on a road trip. Speaking of spectacularly bad ideas. But Jiya makes the great point that they are successful because they all still know who JFK is, and, once again, she brings up the visions. Personally, I love the fate vs free-will thread they’re following, mainly because I’m unsure where they’re going with it. They seem to be trying to push the fate angle pretty hard, but Rittenhouse has already changed history, and so has the Time Team. So fate isn’t set in stone. But time is a harsh mistress, and she wants to get her way.

Some of the best parts of an overall fantastic episode were with JFK. He made a great fish-out-of-water, and who doesn’t love a good fish-out-of-water story? We all do. I love that he was heartened to see the way times had changed. How women and people of color have become more visible. Educated. Equal. Are we perfect? No. But considering where he came from, the change, the progress, is significant. And his joy in the way medical science has advanced gave me an interesting warm fuzzy feeling.

jfk 3
Got a definite “Kill Bill” vibe from this scene. The fiance started whistling. You know the tune.

Ah, see, got distracted watching that great fight again. On Twitter, Matt said it took them over eight hours to film. It was worth the effort. It looked fantastic. Like to see Emma get handed a little of her own medicine. In a hospital, no less. HAHAHA I’m hilarious.


And at the end of the fight, Jessica found out what Wyatt’s really been hiding from her. He’s totally in love with Lucy, and she could see it. It looked like the floor had fallen from beneath her feet as she watched them together. The reaction was so genuine. And I appreciate the talk Jess and Lucy had. Jess was willing to walk away, but Lucy knows Wyatt’s heart. She knows he needs this chance to be with Jessica. And she’s a grown-up, not a teenager, so the right thing is easy to know and to do, even when it hurts.

Lucy Preston – smart, beautiful, badass, adult. My hero.

I think the hardest part of this episode, though, was JFK finding out about his fate. And the fate of his family. I was scared they were going to talk about his son. It was hard enough watching him find out about his own assasination, and writing this while watching the scene, I’m crying again. There’s a reason we can’t see the future. As if he hadn’t already had a weird enough night.

jfk 4
Nice touch, with the coin changing to Nixon. A shame we didn’t get to see it change back.

I loved everything about this episode. The bonding between each character was genuine and easy. The team is working together so well now, it’s delightful to watch. Their chemistry only improves, and we need another season to watch it keep going (follow the link BELOW to vote and save our show!).

The exploration of fate, free will, a higher power, it’s all very complex. I very much appreciate this show going there. It’s not something you see on TV very often, it’s ballsy, and fits perfectly into this show. Timeless really is a unique show, and TV Land can only benefit from more and more of it.

-how hard they’re pushing the fate angle makes me very excited about the resolution of Lyatt. If it’s fate that Wyatt and Jessica are not together, then that means Wyatt and Lucy will end up together no matter what. It’s fate. (fingers crossed, Lyatt shippers!)

-Jiya and Rufus’ storyline is fantastic. I love examining a relationship in the middle of this crazy thing. I love that they can stay loving with each other and disagree about something as deep as whether or not there’s a higher power. It is possible to discuss these things as adults and not come out hating each other.

-Interesting that Carol didn’t want Lucy to be Rittenhouse. This is going to go sideways for Carol.

-Not to mention threatening Denise. That right there is going to bite her in the ass. Hard.

-The babydoll/sweetheart callback killed me. Dead fangirl walking.

-The tension between Flynn and Wyatt is palpable and wonderful. Flynn is, for some reason, very protective of Lucy. I like it. Looking forward to finding out why, and seeing where it goes.

jfk 5
Dangerously close to actual friends, instead of frenemies.


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2 thoughts on “Timeless Review ep 2.05 “The Kennedy Curse”

  1. Good recap! I said the same thing to Mom about JFK not seeing what happens to John John. That would be too much. Regarding the protectiveness that Flynn feels towards Lucy; someone on Twitter said “What if Flynn is really Lucy’s son and that’s how he ends up with her journal?!” I think my brain exploded trying to wrap my brain around that possibility.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have often wondered if Flynn and Lucy aren’t related, somehow. But I thought maybe he’s her grandson. I do think the potential of him being from the future is high.


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