Supernatural 11.21 “All in the Family”

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As usual, SPOILERS below.


Last week, I went on a short, kidless vacation. Also, “Don’t Call Me Shurley” was so emotionally traumatizing, I had a difficult time writing about it on top of traveling. I mean, that was easily the most emotional and amazing episode in seasons. It was also an episode I had been awaiting for almost six seasons, and every bit as satisfying as I hoped it would be.

This week’s episode continued exactly where we left off, which was an interesting and refreshing switch. The differences in Sam and Dean’s reactions were perfectly telegraphed in their expressions, two more flawless performances from Jensen & Jared. Just like their first conversations about angels, Sam was in awe and all but shining with hope, and Dean was disappointed and sad. But oh my goodness did Chuck put him in his place. “Don’t confuse me with your dad.” Damn, Chuck, just cut straight to the heart of it.

Really though, Jensen broke my heart this week, with such a beautifully nuanced performance. When he asked God where he’d been, sticking up for all the people who prayed to him (and who Dean himself couldn’t save), he was both angry and heartbroken at the same time. When the tears broke but his face didn’t… I can tell you mine did. Poor, sweet Dean. Hiding behind bravado and anger.


And can we just talk about his reaction when he realized how much trust and love God had given him? How his face was a mixture of pride and fear? Proud to be so important, yet scared shitless to be trusted with that much weight. Because of his relationship with his Dad, Dean is constantly afraid of failing. And with this, the weight of the salvation of the whole world coming from The Man Himself, Dean’s battered ego couldn’t handle it.

So when Amara offered him an out, we were treated to witnessing just how far Dean has come. Even with all this on his shoulders, he hardly considered her offer. A few years ago, relief from the burden, the chance at eternal sleep, would have been an offer he would have died to take. But now, with Sam in his corner again, he believes in their cause. He believes in saving people again.

And just who brought him here? Sammy. It began in the season 10 finale, another fine job from Jared. One of my favorite Sam moments, actually. Willingly offering to sacrifice himself for Dean yet again, but from a place of tenderness and love instead of anger and fear. That decision has informed so much of this season.

Sam has so much hope now, and it has not been more evident than it was during their conversation with Chuck. He loves God, he always has, and with the faith of a little brother, he believes absolutely in Chuck and Dean. Having them both there to back his play has given Sam a strength of resolve and the confidence to follow through. Sam has been straight up fearless this season. His hope is infectious. I sincerely believe that he and Dean can button up this Darkness problem.

Speaking of buttoning it up, I’m throwing in my chips now. It will not be God, but her love for Dean that will be her undoing. Chuck said he’d been trying to show her there could be things better than they are, and she’s found it in her feelings for Dean. Love is the greatest of all these things. Once she realizes that, her downfall will follow swiftly behind.

A few more things. I wish the Winchesters had been able to see Metatron fight for humanity. It would have been easier for them to trust his intentions when he called them. But that’s how storytelling goes. They were not privy to the same information we had. I was not surprised by his revelation about Chuck’s intentions, it was all over his face last week as Chuck sang “Fare Thee Well”I was, however, touched by his gesture of sacrifice. We all knew it was foolish, but he put his own ass on the line to save Cassifer, Sam, and Donatello.

The mutant ninja turtle. Good lord, Dean.

Speaking of the newest prophet, I just love him so far. I love the Harvey Fierstein thing he has going, and his reactions to the whole thing were priceless. I’m sorry he one day has to die, but welcome to Team Free Will, Donny! Good luck.

Speaking of prophets, the fact that Kevin had a cameo had already been spoiled for me as I did not watch live this week. I still cried.

So, how do you feel about the arc for the end of the season? Do you think Chuck will follow through with his plan to sacrifice himself for creation? Or do you think the Winchesters will block his play and come up with their own? I’m hoping Team Free Will gets this one.

Oh, and I agree with Misha.

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