Supernatural 11.22 “We Happy Few” Review

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You know what you’re looking at. My review, not recap, of the penultimate episode of Supernatural’s eleventh season. As always,


It has arrived, the battle between “good” and “evil”. But I have to ask the question Dean’s face did as Sam breathlessly explained how they knew they were doing the right thing. Are the definitions of good and evil ever very clear? Sam is too close to God in his admiration to see the picture the way Dean does. And that’s both a help and a hindrance. Dean is jaded and biased, so we have both Winchesters essentially playing both sides of the fence. So because storytelling, we don’t have to pick a side between them. They are able to play both sides for us, so that we as the audience can see the whole picture.

And here’s the whole picture. God and The Darkness never saw eye to eye. They never will. They’re both acting a bit like children. But she wants to destroy creation and he wants to save it. So we’ve come to the battle.

I very much approved of Sam and Dean’s allies. I have heard some rumblings about Sam and Lucifer being in the same room, and have heard doubt Sam would ever team up with dear Luci considering what he put him through. I disagree. Sam has grown quite a lot since his internal battle with Lucifer. More importantly, his and Dean’s relationship is stronger than it’s been in years. The fact is, with Dean at his side, Sam feels invincible. And considering what’s at stake, I know Sam is willing to bite the bullet and do something he’s not 100% comfortable with. It means saving all of existence. You don’t think Sam Winchester wouldn’t be able to put aside his own crap for that? Because I do. I know he would.

Supernatural — “We Happy Few” — SN1122a_0151.jpg — Pictured (L-R): Mark Sheppard as Crowley and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

Of course Crowley. We’ve talked about him before. He’s Team Winchester all day, every day.

And the ever lovely Rowena. I particularly loved her plan for longer life. Just go back a few centuries and live another few hundred years. So what life isn’t in the future? It’s still experience. It’s still living. Brilliant. She could just do this over and over and over again. Only next time she could avoid the Winchesters and Crowley. Sure she chose to join Team God but I’m pretty sure that was only because she really had no other options. Her witch “friend” wouldn’t help her, and I’m sure Rowena’s allies are slim on the ground. She doesn’t play well with others. Just like her son, which is probably where he learned it, she’s very good at assessing the available options and backing the one most likely to succeed. And, I’m sure, always having a back door way out in case things go sideways.

Watching her fangirl over Lucifer is always funny though. He really does it for her, doesn’t he? A rare moment of vulnerability.

So, the assembled forces of Team God looked pretty good to me. Angels, demons, witches, Winchesters, and the Big Guy. All we’re missing is a prophet of the L…oh yeah. Sorry, Donny. I knew your time would come but I’m sorry it had to be so soon. And that she didn’t just kill you right out. Being soulless gets worse before it gets worse. It doesn’t get better.

Coming into the battle, I knew it would not be the final moment for Amara. That’s because TV. The finale is the place for these kind of things. An episode like this is for building tension. I was impressed, nonetheless, by the fight Team God put up. Team Amara, the team of one, was pretty powerful though. I knew she would break through the guards and get to our intrepid heroes. The only question was what would happen when she confronted her brother.

But first, she had to deal with Rowena (sorry MegaCoven), angels, and demons. After Crowley joined the demonic fray, he really did some damage to her (go Crowley!). It was surprising and refreshing to see Amara finally hurt. When she walked in the door, Dean didn’t even think about going to his poor, hurting Darkness. Luckily, Big and Tall was there to stop him. Nice to see Sammy look out for his big brother when he needs to.

Having them back together and not at odds is seriously one of the best things about this season. I love this season because of it.

Anyhow, the most unexpected of sacrifices, came Lucifer from the dark. But just one archangel, even the biggest one, was no match for Amara. It was a good try, but I was relieved to see Lucifer exit Castiel’s vessel when she smited him. The only question is, did she kill the archangel? Or did she send him back to the cage? I suppose only time will tell. Or maybe next week.

I must admit, I was less than thrilled about the Mark of Cain plan. Sure, it made a certain kind of sense. But I just could not stand the thought of a season’s worth of Sam dealing with the Mark in his own Sam way. Could. Not. Stand. So I’m glad that didn’t come to fruition. What did happen, however, was only slightly surprising. I, for one, was watching Chuck’s face as the boys made their plans.

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He was in on the plan, and lent all his Godly power to their cause. But he knew the whole time that most likely it would be him, his own sacrifice, that would save creation. He went along with Sam and Dean, but his original plan was still the one in his head.

I would say that’s probably why he almost lost. You gotta go all in, or you get nothing back. What he got back was almost destruction. Amara left him alive though, ostensibly so that he could watch as she destroyed everything he loves. I believe the truth of it is that she is no more capable of killing him than he is of her. During next week’s finale, I truly think they will both exit the Supernatural universe together. After Castiel gets his grace back.

Speaking of next week, I hope that god is a little more Chuck and a little less Lord. I felt like he really needed to be taken down a peg, to be honest, and I hope that’s what this near death experience did for him. Plus I would really like to see Chuck again.

I still think they will not solve this Darkness problem by fighting. I think they can only cast out Darkness with Light. Just as god did at the beginning. I look forward to seeing the Winchesters bring the light this time.

A couple more notes. Did you hear god totally not rule out bringing Gabriel back?? He said it’s difficult. Not impossible. You know and I know what that means. Oh I cannot wait to see him again. I hope it’s a surprise!

And finally, are you Team God, or Team Amara?

Supernatural — “We Happy Few” — SN1122a_0084.jpg — Pictured (L-R) Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean — Photo: Jeff Weddell/The CW — © 2016 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved

I’m Team Winchester.

See you after the finale! After watching the Shaving People Punting Things promo for next week, Sacrificio, I’m feeling a season finale marathon coming on in the lead up.



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