Supernatural 12.6 “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox” Review

Raise your hand if you were in love with this episode after about ten minutes.

This girl, right here.

Something about all these people being aware of the absolute wonder that is Sam and Dean Winchester and being as in awe of them as we are. It really set the mood for me. And then we find out they were just as in awe of Asa. I think that alone told us more about who he was than the whole montage at the beginning. So while the montage was important, the comments from the people at the party were at least equally so, probably more.

I’ll back up a little because I’d also like to ask who else was unreasonably excited to see Kim Rhodes return? I love her as a person (her panel with Samantha was a true highlight of SPNPHX), and I love Jody. One of the more complete side characters on the show, she is both tough as nails and soft as cotton. AND she has sex. Imagine that!

Also, since the boys last saw her, Dean killed Hitler. I don’t know if you knew that.

I found it terribly interesting that Mary was still hunting after Dean was born, but I guess she had something personal against this werewolf. Also, as Sam astutely observed, it’s in the blood. She couldn’t help it. When she showed up at the wake I wasn’t surprised, but as her boys turned around I was nervous for them all. How awkward. Kudos to all three of them for telegraphing such complex emotions using basically just facial expressions and body language. Chuckdammit I just wanted to hug Dean.

No thank you, Billie. Maybe next time.

After the episode was over I thought back on the scene outside as Dean goes to drink and contemplate his feelings. Was it necessary? As far as telling the immediate story, I don’t think it was. Except to elevate the Winchester’s epic status in the minds of the other hunters. It did serve to further the story with Mary, however, when Billie came for her later. It was a nice way to tell us Mary isn’t suicidal, and that she’s learning to adjust. And that she wants to.

Either way, once Dean was back at the party, it was time for some good old fashioned demon hunting fun. As Dean began the exorcism the first time, I thought back on season 3. I’m so glad he’s got it memorized. Remember when a simple breeze would mess him up? He’s come a long way.

The tension surrounding who could be a demon could have been drawn out longer, but revealing itself to be in Jody was plenty of tension for me. Due to the way it twisted the one guy’s neck as it smoked out, I was genuinely frightened Jody was about to die. Especially considering this tweet interaction with Kim a few months back:

I was almost crying with suppressed fear as I watched Kim be an excellent demon. Her portrayal was so fun! But I was scared out of my mind Jody was about to be killed. My relief when the whole room came together to exorcise the demon and send it back to hell was palpable. Leaving a demon to pop back up again was also a great choice.

Hunter’s funerals are such subtle affairs.

And so the sad story of Asa played out. Poor Jody. I hope that one day she finds someone, if she wants to. I also hope that Dean dies on the job, and Sam lives to 90 and dies in his sleep like he so clearly wants. And I hope Mary has some wisdom to share when she finally returns.

Again, this was an excellent monster of the week. A much needed return for Jody, a little bit more healing for Mary and the boys, and a reminder that as always, Death is out there. Waiting for its turn.


And hopefully is this sweet about it.


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