Supernatural 12.7 “Rock Never Dies” Review

Happy Holiday Season! Being around the holidays, and being 2016, I’ve been pretty busy doing holiday related things recently. This helps to buoy my spirit after this craptastic year. I don’t care if it’s cliche but my favorite flower is a rose and my favorite holiday is Christmas. I suffer from terminal uniqueness in many areas, but that, and my choice in Winchester, are not areas where I am afflicted.

So sorry about being late. Next week probably will be too. Sadly, after that, we’ll be on Hellatus until we return at an all new, ungodly hour. I’ll still be blogging during hiatus, I hope, so keep checking in! I’ll be doing one blog to talk about where we are in the season after mid-season, where I think we’re going, and how the season is doing so far. There will also be non-Supernatural related things.

But now let’s get to Lucifer’s return, shall we? As always, SPOILER ALERT.

Very Davy Jones-esque look you got going on, Luci.

These knuckleheads who began the show? Summoning Lucifer in a world in which he exists? Yeah, real smart. We all knew this wasn’t going to end well. I was glad to see Rick Springfield return, to be honest, because I felt like he began to do pretty well with our Luci last time though it was agonizingly brief.

After seeing Lucifer’s return from the ocean floor, we turned to the Winchesters. It was fun watching Dean play a game with his mom, even if she wasn’t there, but did you notice the next letters he got spelled “Lucifer”? Also, I appreciate the writers showing us Dean’s phone when it rang, saying “Cass”. A lot of the fandom vehemently disagrees with this spelling, but the fact is the writers spell it with two esses. They always have, and they always will. For what it’s worth, I agree with Misha’s compromise of being OK with spelling it either way. Basically on the show it will be spelled with two esses, and in the fandom with one. Anyway, that’s off the subject.

I loved seeing the Winchesters react to the news they had to go to hell-LA. Funny enough, I feel the same way when I have to go there. Man I hate LA. Nothing against you if you love it, lots of people do. But I and the Winchesters prefer open space, less people, less traffic. As they traveled and Dean opined about the place, Sam not listening at all, I chuckled. I knew exactly what Sam had been listening to and I fell in the floor laughing when Dean found out and Sam called it “research”.

But once they arrived in LA, I truly enjoyed joining Lucifer again. He is at peak Lucifer here. He is all about being adored, being at the top of the pile, being the King of everything. It’s as Mark told Misha: 

From the interview in EW found here

Everything Lucifer does in this episode reveals the very character we’ve heard about in all the bible stories. It’s fun to see Luci like this, without an agenda. He’s been all about world domination up to this point, or fighting the Darkness. The Luci we’ve seen has always had some kind of end goal. This Lucifer though? He’s playing. He’s having a good time. Doing what he wants. He’s more dangerous than any version of Luci we’ve ever faced. Maximum unpredictability.

One of the highlights of the show was watching our quad team try to infiltrate the concert. Crowley, throwing his power around. Castiel, using his skills as a hunter. The boys. Ah the boys. Man they are smokin hot in t-shirts and leather/denim jackets.


It made me pretty happy, though, that what finally got them there was a combination of Lucifer’s ego and Cass’s investigative skills. Way to go, Cass!

The collateral in this episode was high, but the Winchesters mitigated it by clearing the club. Fearlessly standing up to the devil himself to save a club full of people. I read an opinion piece the other day where the author stated she wasn’t sure why she still watched Supernatural. She seemed to indicate she felt it was predictable, not groundbreaking, and even though there are twists and turns, the Winchesters will always fight the bad guys. To that I say, you are watching a show about superheroes. If you haven’t figured that out yet, and you’re waiting for them to be something different, then I’ll have to further say, you’re watching not only the wrong show but the wrong network. Smallville and Supernatural began this superhero thing, and the CW doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

My hero.

And why should they? Sam and Dean Winchester are my heroes and I’m happy to follow their adventures for as long as the CW will show them to me. Today, though Team Free Will lost Vince and his band, as well as a corporate LA type who operated in deals with a crossroads demon, they saved the world again. I’ll never get tired of that. And I’ll never get tired of the supporting cast of heroes who come with them, angels, demons, and humans alike.

Though I got a little sidetracked, I’ll wrap up by saying I felt bad for Vince and I’m sad to see Rick go. It was a nice surprise to see him one last time. Lucifer’s storyline is quite enjoyable and it’s fun to have a villain we know, yet one who is not only unpredictable but the devil himself. He’s still the devil and always will be. I do want to see more of the British Men of Letters, and I can’t wait to watch their pansy asses get upstaged by our boys. I’m finding this season as fun as any other and while the story might be scaled back a bit, the cast and crew are as good at bringing the story to life as they ever have been.

Also, HUGE congratulations to the Ackles family on the birth of their twins, Zeppelin Bram and Arrow Rhodes! So glad to hear everyone is doing well. Till next time, family. 


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